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Chapter 38: Someone Who Loves You
Pairings: Hurley/Claire, Kate/Sawyer
Characters: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Benjamin Linus, Desmond Hume, Claire Littleton, Kate Austen, James "Sawyer" Ford, Rose Nadler, Bernard Nadler, Carole Littleton, Aaron Littleton, Background & Cameo Characters, Original Non-Human Characters
Rating: M
Length: 4652 words
Status: Complete
Notes: Fantasy and supernatural elements. Think American Gods on the Island.

Summary: Hurley is now Protector of the Island, while Claire, Kate, and Sawyer head back to our world. But when it comes to love, the Island has ways to get you where you need to be.

Chapter 38: Someone Who Loves You

Evening sun filled the Topanga Canyon house with a red glow. So weird to have a phone again, Hugo thought as he said good-bye to Sawyer, before sliding the iPhone into his pocket.

From her seat on the big living-room couch, Claire played with the television controller, moving it from hand to hand. “Everything OK, Hurley?” Return of the Jedi sat in the VHS tape player, ready to go. Aaron was down at Carole's cabin for the night. For once, the house had a quiet air about it, full of late-evening shadows and expectations.

Hugo hesitated for a few seconds, badly wanting to tell her, not wanting to steal Kate's thunder or anything, though. “They're awesome. Making really good time, it sounds like.”

“Poor Kate. Such a long drive, and in her condition, too.”

Hugo looked up, startled. “You... knew?”

“It's been apparent for some time, even if she didn't say anything. What, did she finally take a test?”

He hadn't asked, because he didn't have to. Like with Meredith and Deanna on the Island, he could just sense it, like knowing someone was in the room, even if you couldn't see them. “Don't know. Either way, I hope Sawyer listens to me.”

“He will, Hurley. He cares about her a lot.” She patted the space beside her on the couch, inviting.

“Be there in just a minute.” Hugo headed over to the kitchen and rooted through the cabinets, frowning a little. Grandma Carole kept a lean kitchen, that was for sure. He grabbed a bag of baby carrots and a tub of garlic-eggplant hummus, then nestled in close to Claire on the couch.

She was about to start the tape when he laid a hand on the controller, stopping her. "Do you remember right after we crashed?" When her body tensed, he pulled her to his breast. "Nah, nothing scary. It was when I first, like, met you.”

She rested her face on his chest, closing her eyes like a cat in front of a warm fire. "Ummm."

"Something Jack said back then."

At Jack's name, Claire's eyes opened. "Hmm?"

Screams had filled the air. Jack had told Hugo to get Claire away from the jet fuel that was spraying all over the beach. So they took shelter under the wing, until Jack saved their bacon when the wing started to fall. Then the whole wing exploded, just like in an action movie. Hugo lay on the sand, half-deaf and more terrified than he'd ever been in his life, while Jack's words rang in his ears like the voice of some imperious angel.

"He told me to stay with you." Hugo hoped she remembered.

"It was a blur, Hurley. So he said that, did he?"


She nestled in again. "Well, it was good advice."

“I kind of just did that with Sawyer.”

“As I said, good advice.”

“I hope he does a better job than I did.”

“You did your best, Hurley. Look, I made a lot of mistakes, too. I was a dumb kid in so many ways.”

“We both were.”

It was a long reach around his belly, but she managed it, even though the kiss missed his mouth and grazed his beard instead. He held her face, making sure not to miss this time, and almost forgot about Star Wars until she came up for breath.

“Ready?” she said. “You keep on like that, and we won't get to watch this at all.”

He started the tape and grinned. “Hold on for the ride of your life.”

* * * * * * * *

Admiral Ackbar had just finished briefing the Rebel pilots about the upcoming attack on the second Death Star. Hugo lay splayed out on the couch, with Claire's sweet weight sprawled across his body, when he heard the side door open with a click.

Claire sprang to her feet, suddenly alert. The tape went silent as Hugo hit the pause button, then struggled into a sitting position.

“Coming through,” Carole's voice rang out.

“Mummy, it's us,” Aaron added.

“Everything all right?” Claire said.

Aaron held up his plush kangaroo. “Hi, Hurley! Skippy got lonely for Willie.”

“Sorry, guys,” Carole said, “I should probably have rung up first. Come on, Aaron, let's go to your room and find Willie.”

“Well, that was awkward,” Claire said, her face pink.

Hugo remained on the sofa. Carole was a lot cooler than his own mom, but he still wasn't ready to stand up yet, not without mega-embarrassing himself.

A moment later, Carole and Aaron returned with the stuffed orca, its velvety surface well-worn from little hands and many hugs.

Aaron stared at the jittery image of Akbar on the screen. “Who's that? What are you watching?”

Star Wars,” Hugo said before Claire or Carole could answer. “Return of the Jedi.”

“What's a Jedi?”

“A kind of warrior,” Hugo answered.

“Somebody who fights?”

“Or knows when not to,” Claire said.

Aaron looked around at the adults, as if deciding who to ask, then trained his glance on Claire. “Can I watch, Mummy?”

Carole gave Claire a disapproving look, but didn't say anything. Claire raised an eyebrow at Hugo.

He said, “All the s-c-a-r-e-y parts are over.”

“What's that spell, Grandma?”

“Scary,” Carole answered.

“I'm not scared.”

“Mum, it's fine,” Claire said. “He can watch the rest with us, and I'll bring him down to bed afterwards.”

Carole shot the television one more dubious glance, then tossed Claire a You're the boss look. Hugo chuckled to himself. The living room and rear foyer had practically no walls on the side facing the cabins, only floor-to-ceiling glass. While Carole must have gotten an eyeful of him and Claire on the couch, television was what really ground her gears. Nope, not like his mom at all.

“Mum, really, it's all right,” Claire said.

“Come on,” Hugo said to Aaron. “You sit here, and Skippy and Willie can watch, too.” He arranged the stuffed animals on either side of the child. When Claire squeezed in between the two of them, Hugo picked up the controller. No fast-forwarding past the Moon of Endor stuff, though. Aaron would probably like Ewoks.

* * * * * * * *

The movie was over, and a squealing, dancing Aaron had finally been put to bed in Carole's cabin, still chattering about the fuzzy forest creatures of Endor's moon. Now Hugo stood in Claire's bedroom, lit only by a single votive candle, a Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe one given to her by his mom.

Claire turned down the bed, straightening the thin quilt, fluffing pillows. “Mum's never going to forgive us for that.” She didn't sound too irked about it.

To be honest, he could barely wait. Slow it down, he told himself. What made his heart almost burst from his chest, though, was the ordinariness of it. People turned down the bed every night and slid between the sheets, then woke up together the next morning, made breakfast, played with the baby.

It was almost like heaven.

Back turned, she lifted her t-shirt slowly, as if she wanted him to see. With hypnotic motion, she undid her bra and laid it aside, too, not turning around.

The flickering light cast a golden glow over her from top to bottom. She stepped out of her shorts, graceful as a dancer. When she turned to him, all he could do was stare as she gathered up the hem of his own shirt and lifted.

Bare and exposed, he shivered at first from the cool night air, then in delight as she slid her hands up and down the front of his body as if seeing him with her palms, coming to rest on his breasts. His nipples sprang to life, crinkling under the lazy, delightful motion.

When she stopped, he stood, paralyzed. She gave his waistband a tug, then drew his head down to whisper, “You need an invitation?”

Her breath in his ear flowed all the way down him. At first he wanted to undress beneath the covers, because there was no hiding how aroused he was. She helped undo his clothing, sliding everything down over his hips and the stubborn, poked-out sign of his desire.

He followed her to the bed as if hypnotized. There she lay, arms spread out like a starfish, her face wild and feral.

He loomed over her and put his face in between her breasts, almost drowning in their softness.
His body was almost ready to explode with heat, but he took a few deep breaths, trying to cool himself down. When he laid his face on her chest, it shook from her pounding heart.

Something spurred him along, curiosity mixed with desire. He wanted to know her, taste her, all of her. He slid his face down her chest, past her belly, till his mouth rested on her groin. There he almost lost his nerve. Maybe she wouldn't want to, or would think it was gross.

He looked up, meeting her half-lidded eyes. "Claire... Is this okay?"

"Oh, God, yes. Please." She smelled good, like seaweed ripening in the sun, and at first all he did was nuzzle her warm cleft, breathing in her rich fragrance.

At the first upward swipe of tongue, she arched her back and let out a low moan. She tasted briny, like the ocean. He tongued the tender oyster of her sex, never losing momentum, never getting out of sync. She dug her nails into the sheets, rocked her hips back and forth, making low, mewling cries.

After a time, her whole body shook like a bow drawn back ever tighter. The tiniest motion, the smallest flick, and she'd explode. Instead, she grabbed his head with both hands, lifting it. Confused, his face dripping, he stopped. Had he done something wrong, something she didn't like?

No. Not at all. She pulled his shoulders, tugging him closer. "Inside. Come inside."

He knelt over her on all fours, not sure what to do next. This wasn't Pele beneath him, solid with muscle and almost his equal in height. This was Claire, less than a third of his size and delicate-boned as well. The flesh of his body drooped over hers, and he couldn't imagine lying on her with his full weight. He wanted desperately to bury himself in her body, but wasn't sure how.

"Claire, I dunno about this—"

In answer, she raised her bottom and wrapped her legs around him. Suddenly he plunged inside her as she clung to his hips and back, while he held himself up with his knees and strong arms. Down into red darkness he fell, knowing nothing but pleasure and the thrust, parry, and thrust again in time with the rhythm of her hips, in and out, as she rocked him in the pit of her body.

He felt her pleasure burst inside her as squeeze met with thrust, push met with shove, hip bucked into hip, leaving his flesh drenched and shaking, hers squeezing him like a hand. Where did she start and where did he end; was it her climax he was feeling, or his? They both collapsed at once and she dropped free of him. Exhausted, he fell to her side, gasping out the last bits of the fire which fueled the engine of his breath.

She faced him with a tender, faraway expression and drew him into her trembling arms. He had to tell himself that this wasn't some beautiful midnight dream, that the Door hadn't broken him after all, that his mad hallucinations hadn't returned. He told himself, Just because Claire loves you, loves this, doesn't mean you're crazy.

As soon as the small flash of doubt appeared, it was gone. Hugo leaned over to Claire and whispered, "Is this still what you want? Us, together? Because I do."

Warmth and sleepiness rose off of her like mist. "Yes. A thousand times yes."

As she leaned over to blow out the candle, he gave a heavy sigh of contentment. He rolled over onto his stomach, fumbling for her hand, and when he found it fell into sleep almost at once.

* * * * * * * *

Morning sun peeked through the drapes as Claire woke, her arm circled around Hugo's side. Soft, everywhere so soft, so full of comfort. She watched him for awhile as he slept, hugging the pillow, not so much snoring as letting out low, purring vibrations.

Sounds from the kitchen brought her to full alertness. Mum and Aaron were moving about to the tune of Aaron's patter. "Grandma, Grandma, you be the Stormtrooper and I'll be the Ewok.”

Her mum answered, "Wait till Hurley wakes up. He'll be a better Stormtrooper than me.”

“Why aren't Mummy Kate and Sawyer here? Sawyer could be Han. And Mummy Kate could be Princess Leia.”

“Aaron, look, help me set the table. After your breakfast, you can go play in your Ewok fort."

Ewok fort? Probably the old stand-by of two chairs with a sheet draped over them. Mum came up with the best ideas for keeping Aaron busy. Content, Claire watched Hugo sleep on.

Soon his eyes opened, a little unfocused. He found her face and smiled. "Hey."

"Hope I didn't wake you."

“Nah. Time to get up anyway.” He pulled himself to a sitting position, his great brown halo of untamed curls flying about. He looked so winsome that she mussed his hair even more, before kissing his shaggy face. When he flopped back down and pulled her close, she could tell he was ready for love again.

His outstretched arms and look of mischief invited her to climb aboard, and she very badly wanted to, with him all sleep-tousled, warm and roused. So much wanting, enough to fill an endless ocean that would never run out. But now wasn't the time for love, because day had dawned and the rest of the household was awake.

She pulled the blanket up around her. "About last night," she started to say.

He finished her words for her. "I haven't changed my mind."

"Me, either.”

"So, um, how do we do this? Tell everyone at once, or one by one?"

"Let's tell Mum and your parents first. Then Aaron.”

He stroked the side of her face. "This is really happening, isn't it?”

"Of course it is."

"You wanna get California-married? Though I don't have a ring or nothing."

"We don't have to do anything at once, especially since Kate and Sawyer aren't here." Then it hit her. Tomorrow night, Hugo had to return to the Island. To Claire, time suddenly felt very short.

"There's something else, too..." His voice trailed off, hesitant. "It's not like I'm super-religious. Not like Mom, for sure. My dad, well, Dad doesn't care. But some things you just want to do right." He fell quiet, his expression begging her to complete his thought.

At once she understood. The memory of Mr. Eko pouring water over Aaron's head and her own washed over her, clean and powerful. "I don't care about California. It's not like we're going to live here. But yes. I want a priest too."

He broke into a wide smile, bright as morning sun. “I know just the guy. I'll let Mom call him, though. Don't wanna spoil her fun.”

As he pulled himself out of bed, Claire waved at her closet door. “There are bath sheets in there. And just FYI, Aaron's been playing Ewoks.”

Hugo wrapped a large white bath-sheet around his waist. Before heading for the shower, he said, “Your mom's never gonna forgive me for that, is she?”

* * * * * * * *

When Hugo pulled up into the driveway of his parents' house, he turned to Claire as the garage door opened. “You sure you can drive this back to Topanga? After I leave, I mean.”

Claire smiled, wanting to show off just a little. “Tell him, Mum, what I learned to drive on.”

From the back seat, Carole said, “An old 1976 Land Cruiser, when she was thirteen and barely tall enough to see over the wheel. She'd tool around her grandfather's station, scaring the sheep.”

“Four on the column, one hundred thirty-five horse power,” Claire said.

“Hey, awesome that you know that. But that's like, half the horsepower of the Hummer. It kicks, Claire.”

“Hurley, if you don't trust me with your truck—“

At that instant, the inside door to the house opened, and David and Carmen poured into the garage. Claire found herself swept into the kitchen in a flurry of hugs and kisses.

Aaron insisted on bringing his box, too, which Hugo hauled for him. The “surprise” had turned out to be an assortment of Star Wars toys, including two TIE Fighters, an X-wing, and a battered Millennium Falcon with just about every antenna or small part long-since broken off.

“Uncle David!” Aaron cried out as David swept him up in a hug. “Will you play TIE Fighters with me?”

“Oh, sweet Mother of Mercy,” Carmen said to Hugo. “Your grandparents and I, we listened to that all the time.”

“Hey, Ma, gotta pass it on to the next generation.”

Aaron ran from David to Hugo, narrowly missing a collision with Carmen as she carried a pitcher of iced tea to the kitchen table. “Hurley, you play with me, OK? You can be Chewie!”

Hugo leaned his head back and gave a realistic Chewbacca roar, then said, "Hey, little buddy, you wanna ride the Wookie?"


"OK, hold on," and Hugo lifted the wriggling boy onto his shoulders. Aaron grabbed Hugo's mane, tugging hard. "Ouch!"

"Giddyap," said Aaron, bouncing up and down, clinging now to Hugo's t-shirt collar instead of his hair.

As everyone crowded around the table, Hugo set Aaron down. He squeezed himself in between Claire and Hugo, picking grapes off Claire's plate. "Mummy, I had a sleep-over with Grandma. Did you have a sleep-over, too?"

Hugo flushed pink, and Carmen's stare could have bored holes through them both. This was the point where you were supposed to say something false and soothing to "protect innocent ears." That's how it always starts, for some greater good. Well, bollocks to that, Claire thought. "Yes, I did."

"With who?"

"With Hurley," she said, looking Aaron full in the face.

David couldn't contain his snicker any longer, and Carmen smacked him on the arm.

Aaron stared at Hugo, incredulous. "But she's a girl!"

Claire caught Hugo's eye. Here goes nothing, she thought. Turning to Hugo's mother, she said, “It's all right, Carmen. I guess I'm going to have to start calling you 'Mum' now.”

In perfect sync, both Carmen and Carole's jaws dropped in shock.

Hugo leaned over and put his arm around Carole. “Hiya, Mom.”

Carmen sputtered, “You're... you're getting married?”

David's face was red from laughter. “You see, Carmencita, I told you there was nothing to worry about.”

Nothing to worry about? There's everything to worry about. Are they getting married in church? Where are they going to live? What are they going to do about—“

“Carmen, my love, calm down—“

“Don't tell me to calm down, David! I've got to—“

Aaron's shrill voice pierced the chaos as he pulled on Hurley's sleeve. "But how can you get married? Girls get married!"

“What?” Hugo said.

Astonished, Claire repeated, "Getting married is for girls?"

Aaron gave his mother a knowing look. "You know. Girl dolls get all dressed up. Then they get married."

This time Carmen laughed right along with her husband.

Carole, however, wasn't amused. "This,” she announced to the room in general, “is why children should not watch television."

Claire fought back laughter herself as she said, “Oh, Mum, really—“

Through all this, Hugo leaned in close to Aaron. “Hey, little buddy, this isn't like playing dolls. Your mom and I love each other, and we're gonna get married."

Claire saw the ball coming in her direction, picked it up, and ran with it. "That's right, Aaron. You and me and Hurley, we're going to have a house to live in, and we'll sleep in it every night. All of us."

Aaron screwed up his face, unsure. “You mean... getting married is like a sleep-over?”

“A real long sleep-over,” David chimed in.

“Like you would know,” Carmen said.

“Ooh, Carmencita, put away your claws.”

Aaron wasn't through. "Is Hurley going to sleep with us every night, Mummy?"

"That's what people do when they love each other and are together."

"Jack didn't always stay with Mummy Kate. A lot of times he went home."

Everyone grew very quiet.

Sensing the shift in the wind, Aaron turned to David and Carmen, his tone solemn. “Jack died.”

Carmen made the sign of the cross. “We know, sweetheart.” Then she gave Hugo a hard stare. “And just where is your house going to be?”

A thousand complications rose up to plague Claire, and Hugo didn't have an answer, either. Finally she said, “We still have to talk about that.”

“What's to talk about?” David said. “Son, you know you can't stay here, not if you don't want to—“

“Believe me, Dad, I know what my responsibilities are.” The pain on Hugo's face shot through Claire's own body.

Carmen got up to refill a glass dish with jalapeño-salmon dip and tortilla chips. While she was occupied at the counter, David leaned over to Hugo and said, “So, when you gonna make it official?”

Hugo looked confused. “Official?”

David turned to Claire. “Sweetheart, I see he didn't give you a ring yet.”

“We figured there was time—“Claire started to say.

Carmen interrupted. “A ring? I've got the perfect ring. Come on, Hugo.” She practically dragged him away from the kitchen table and up the spiral stairs, with David padding along behind.

Quiet fell over the kitchen like a blanket. Claire picked at a chip or two, while Carole leaned back into the padded chair.

Finally Carole spoke. “I'm really happy for you, love.”

“It wasn't the most elegant way to tell you, Mum, I know.”

Aaron started to fidget, so Carole said, “Aaron, you can take two toys out of the box. Just two, all right?”

He darted away from the table, and pulled one TIE Fighter and the X-Wing out of Hugo's old cardboard box, then sat on the floor and made them zip around, going “Pheeww! Pheeww! Pheeww!”

When he was settled, Carole turned back to Claire. “Carmen posed a realistic question, you know.”

“There's only one answer, Mum. I just didn't feel like going into it right then.”

Carole nodded. “I'll miss you, Claire.”

What is Mum talking about? Miss me? “Why should you? Of course you're invited, too.”

“Maybe you should wait and talk to Hurley. A lot of men wouldn't want their mother-in-law tagging along.”


“Besides, I have to consider Lindsey as well.” Then Claire and Carole both looked over at the child, rapt in his space battle. “I don't think I'm the one you're going to have to convince,” Carole finally said.

“I won't leave without him,” Claire said.

Carole's tone was neutral, but the underlying steel came through clearly. “Legally, she is his mother.”

“Kate would never—“

“I didn't mean to suggest that she would. But this is going to require some sensitivity and patience on our part.”

Claire clenched her jaw, stubborn. “She has to understand. Mum, before I was taken, Hurley and I were this close to having something, something good. Then it got bloody bollocksed up and I lost them, Hurley and Aaron both.” Her eyes stung, and she thought, Damn it, don't let me start bawling now, of all times. “I'm not letting it happen again.”

Carole laid a reassuring hand on Claire's. “Hurley will be back on May Day. That gives us six weeks to work things out with Kate. Who knows? Kate may decide that life on the mainland isn't for her any longer, either.”

It wasn't nice to scoff at your own mum, but Claire couldn't help it. “I seriously doubt that. She hates that place. It was where Jack died. If I had to guess, I'd say she thinks the Island killed him.”

Before Carole could answer, Carmen, David, and Hugo bustled back into the room.

In his hand Hugo clutched a small wooden box. “You should see it, Claire. It's really gorgeous.”

He pulled his chair in close to hers. In the box there sparkled a ring with a tiny round diamond, almost a chip, really. Near it rested a matching wedding band.

David said, “She only gets the first one, son. The second one's for the wedding.”

“Dad, I know.”

“So go on and tell her,” Carmen said. “Tell her that it was your grandmother's, and—“

“Mom, if I could get a word in edgewise, I would.” He picked up the diamond ring, leaving the band on its cotton bed. “This was my Grandma Titi's. Grandpa Tito saved for three years to get it for her. After they were married, he wanted the jeweler to weld it to the wedding band, so she could wear both of them, but she said no. She cleaned houses, and she didn't want to lose it or break it.”

“You can't break a diamond,” Carmen said.

David said, “My love, you can knock it out of its mounting. Or lose it.”

“Anyway, Claire,” Hugo said, “if you want to... I mean, I'd like you to—“

“I'd love to, Hurley. It's beautiful.”

“Son, this is where you slip it on her finger.”

Hugo rolled his eyes, where his father couldn't see, while Claire held out her hand. His glance met hers, and as close as they'd been over the past two nights, this was different. He sat before her, trembling and exposed as if on-stage, and in a way he was. Aaron must have sensed something was up, because he had set down his toys and come over to join them, squeezing his way in between Hugo and Claire to get a better view.

The ring stuck at her second knuckle. While Claire's fingers were slender, Grandma Titi's must have been really small. Hugo gave the ring a little push, but it stubbornly wouldn't move. Then Hugo gave her a long, intent glance, and at once she knew his silent question.

He had told her how he'd made all the guns on the Island no longer work. How the fire in the middle of the Barracks never went out. How Desmond's sailboat had had cracks in her hull, yet somehow never took on water.

This was probably way easier. She raised her face to his, and gave him the tiniest of nods. Go ahead.

Maybe it was her imagination, but the ring glowed warm for an instant, then slid over her knuckle as easy as if it had been buttered.

“Congratulations!” David said. “Think this calls for that bottle of Cristal champagne I been saving.”

Hugo leaned over to kiss her, when Aaron said, “When you get married you have to kiss? Yuck!”

* * * * * * * *

That night, Claire and Hugo snuggled down into in his bed, under the sign of the omega. Neither was inclined to do anything more than cuddle. For one thing, while Claire still shivered with delight at the memory of Hugo's body in, under and over hers, it was sweet to just drift off with him as his big chest rose and fell in time with hers.

For another, Aaron was bedded down on Hugo's couch, tucked under a quilt and clutching an X-Wing. Before Claire fell into sleep, she wondered if he dreamt of being an Ewok child in the green forest, the sky filled with both a golden sun and an enormous planet of ocean-blue.


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Date: 2015-09-19 03:29 am (UTC)
desdemonaspace: (Default)
From: [personal profile] desdemonaspace
This was just lovely. The lovemaking scene made me miss my own Hugo, and you hit the the perfect balance between erotica and romance. (You said you couldn't write love scenes! Fibber).

I like how hardheaded Claire is, and while she respects the elders, she's not going to hold back from telling them of her engagement. And your Hugo is as solid and warm as a protective guardian angel.

Sorry - I started this this morning, and only got to finish reading it now, and I'm too sleepy to make sense. I keep picturing Aaron on the island with them, having a ball. I like the thought of a huge blended family, Aaron and his two mommies, and James's daughter with Kate and the children they'll have.

(no subject)

Date: 2015-09-19 02:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aaron would definitely have a ball on the Island, I agree.

I'm not really fibbing when I say that writing love scenes is difficult. The outcome is pretty decent, I guess: it's just that the process itself is fraught with writer's block, anxiety, worry about cliches, etc. It's just performance anxiety, I guess. Glad the scene worked for you. Hugo's a joy to write in that context.

Good point about how Claire. Carmen is clearly the matriarch and that deserves respect. At the same time, Carmen doesn't have a lot of self-awareness, especially about how just maybe her son's romantic problems in the past have been tied in with how overbearing she has been. In that sense, David has been a good addition to the mix, to get her to lighten up, as well as subtly giving Hugo some well-placed encouragement.

I'm definitely aiming for a "peaceable kingdom" vibe here; glad it's coming through clearly.

Again, thanks so much for reading!

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Date: 2015-09-19 02:30 pm (UTC)
desdemonaspace: (Default)
From: [personal profile] desdemonaspace
I agree that love scenes are hard to write, topped only by fight scenes. Ugh. I've had love scenes that I waffled over for months, only to finally finish and post, and they weren't substantively different than what I had at the beginning.

The lesson, I suppose, is just to post the darn thing.


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