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Chapter 3: Fire on the Mountain
Pairing: Hurley/Sun
Characters: Hugo Reyes, Sun Kwon, Carmen Reyes, David Reyes, Kate Austen
Rating: M
Length: 2059 words
Notes: Complete

A sensual, bittersweet tale of what happened when Hurley went to visit Sun in Seoul.

Chapter 3: Fire on the Mountain

Baby, I've been here before
I know this room, I've walked this floor
I used to live alone before I knew ya

I've seen your flag on the marble arch
But love is not a victory march
It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah

- L. Cohen, “Hallelujah”

Hugo turned off the television, and swept the remains of his dinner and the congealing nachos onto the room service tray. Then he nudged the tray in front of the door across the hall, so that it wouldn't look like it was his. Besides his suit, all he had were some t-shirts and a few pairs of cargo jeans and board shorts. He was debating which shirt to put on when he heard a few gentle knocks on the door. Quickly he grabbed a light brown t-shirt festooned with orange palms, and in his nervousness twisted it around his shoulders. He was still trying to get it adjusted around the front when he opened the door.

Sun glided into the room slowly, like a prima ballerina who steps in front of the closed curtain to take her final bow. The audience was on its feet, so she could lower herself before the crowd and take all the time she needed. No matter what she did, this night's particular performance was over. There were no more mistakes she could make, at least not during this dance. Tomorrow's performance was a long way away, so for now, at least, she could relax.

“I'm sorry I didn't ring you earlier,” she said as she set down her purse on the coffee table. “I would have liked to invite you to dinner, but I had to be at a board meeting.”

All Hugo could think of was, School board? But that didn't make any sense, because Ji Yeon was just a baby. Sun must have sensed Hugo's confusion, for she said, “I run Paik Industries with my father now. There are many meetings.”

All Hugo said was, “Wow.”

She looked around the room as if it was familiar to her. “Are you comfortable here? I can speak to the manager if you aren't.”

“It's all great, Sun.”

She lowered her head in a small half-bow, then raised her eyes to meet his, and the glowing smoulder in her expression was unmistakable. A wave of irresistible déjà vu swept over him, but it wasn't because he'd ever stayed in this room before, or ever stood before Sun's warm, penetrating gaze in this very way. Sometimes, though, it can be impossible to distinguish strong imagination from memory.

He wasn't sure whether he should hug her or not, not after the cold dismissal of earlier that day. He needn't have worried, though. She walked straight up to him and put her arms around his shoulders as she had done before, in her apartment. Unlike that earlier time, though, Sun didn't pull herself out of the embrace. She stayed close, so close that Hugo couldn't help but breathe in the light sweet fragrance of her hair, something green and herbal, and the blood left his head so quickly it made him slightly dizzy.

“Hey, Sun,” he said in a soft voice muffled by her hair.

She said back, “Hey, yourself," then stood on tiptoe, in order to reach as high as she could. She didn't quite kiss him so much as place her lips right over his mouth without touching, leaving it for him to decide whether to fall into the kiss or step back.

It wasn't much of a decision. Into the kiss Hugo fell like a man plunging off a cliff, and they didn't say anything for a long time after that. Her lip gloss tasted like the passion-fruit they used to eat on the Island, which he had thought so exotic at first, until it became more ordinary. She took tender little bites from his lips, and he pulled her as close as he could, taking care not to squeeze her too hard, as if she might break. Back and forth, up and down they went in each other's mouths with those long exploring kisses. Then she broke away from him and he felt a swift disappointment. Was that going to be all?

No, she had only gone to turn out the room lights, leaving the two of them momentarily swathed in thick, velvety dark. With that same seamless glide she crossed the room as if she knew it by heart, and flung open the tall curtains which went from floor to ceiling. The nighttime sky filled the entire wall of the darkened room, the lights like a splendid pile of glowing jewels tossed carelessly aside by a queen who had found something even more fascinating to occupy her attention.

In the dim pale glow of the city-scape, Sun ran her hands over Hugo everywhere, as if she wanted to memorize the entire length and breadth and shape of him. The city-shine gleamed on her hair but left her face in shadow, so that he couldn't see her expression. Her rapid breath, though, and the intense, alert stance of her shoulders let him know how interested she was. It was if she had had a long-standing curiosity which was only now being satisfied. She traveled over him like an explorer who had long since left the expedition station, and had now started up the long climb towards an unknown landscape, feeling along the passage every step along the way, not wanting to miss a single thing.

She peeled off his soft, thin t-shirt like it was a second skin. Now there was nowhere to run, no towel or shower curtain to hide behind, but then he didn't care. If her roving palms had felt good even muted by that protective layer of cloth, nothing stood in their way now as palm skin glided over delicate nipple, and he was suddenly fiercely, desperately aroused. He covered her mouth again, and now it tasted like her, only her and nothing else, because they'd kissed off all the lipstick flavor.

She turned around, back towards him, and for a second he thought he would go mad if they had to stop, but of course he would if that's what she wanted. But no, she only wanted him to unzip her tight linen sheath, and at first the zipper stuck because he could barely work his fingers. Then, as if it had a mind of its own, the zipper pulled free and slid all the way down past the curve of her bottom. She let the dress fall to the floor, and now he did lose himself in desire, because she stepped out of the collapsed linen pile ivory-pale, entirely naked.

He had never seen anyone so beautiful. Excitement had spurred him on at first, fast and urgent, but now everything halted like a movie in slow-motion. Not one of those kinds of movies, although he'd seen his share in his time, always layered over with a thin scum of shame and guilt. This was different. Hugo had come to that strange cross-roads which few ever find, where lust mutates into worship, and the only place to go is down on your knees.

At the center of every woman, at the center of every world there is a fountain, and when its waters are offered to you, you may refuse, as is your right. But if you do refuse, who knows what boons you will miss, what blessings will flow through your outstretched hands to vanish in the dry sands beneath, because you would not stoop to drink?

There was no rush. Hugo rested his mouth on first one breast, then the other, and once more she let out that long, soft ahhh which wrapped itself around his heart even tighter, now that he heard it straight from her mouth. Her breasts weren't as high and firm as he remembered (oh, he would never forget those sun-drenched glory days on the beach, when he watched her exult in her newfound freedom in a bikini made of fine-woven strings which barely covered anything.) Now in his hands those perfect globes rested, still beautifully soft from pregnancy. Down he grazed over her belly, just a bit loose under the navel, where the skin was laced with tiny delicate ridges to show where Ji Yeon had lain inside her.

She parted her thighs, standing astride now, and Hugo sank down on his knees at the water's edge where first he sipped, then drank until he could hold no more, until Sun's long soft cries circled like birds over the mountains.

The moon had risen to fill the night sky, and her face gleamed under its wild pale fire. Laying her hand lightly on his shoulder, she levitated all his mass and steered it in one direction, towards the bed. He lay spread out before her vast and helpless, putty in her hands, flesh entirely open to her will, whatever that might be.

Then he was brought back to himself for a second by the crinkle of crisp foil. She knelt next to him on the bed and said, “Pink or green?”

At first he didn't know what she was talking about, having for an instant confused the two little packages in her hand with candies. What was she asking, did he want strawberry or lime, maybe? Then it hit him, of course they weren't candy. What an idiot he was. “Surprise me,” he murmured.

Laughter shone in her eyes as she started unwrapping. Then her hands wandered all over him and her mouth besides, until, sprawled out before her, Sun climbed upon Hugo the way an explorer scales the mountain-side. Her tender hands trod like little feet all over his hills and dales. When she reached the summit she lay there quietly for awhile, playing with his breasts, his sides, his soft belly, as he rolled beneath her.

When together they cried out in delight, it seemed to him that it was not a woman into which he poured himself, but some green spirit who might disappear at any moment. Her gift of emerald gold might the next morning prove to be nothing but a few twigs or an old bird's nest, but he held her close and during that instant which flees even before it is completely over, he didn't care.

Hugo must have slept a little, because the next he knew, Sun had untangled herself from the circle of his arms and was pulling on her slip. The clock read 2:16. “I have to go," she said in a soft apologetic voice. "They think I am at a party.”

Hugo couldn't begin to imagine the network of obligations which bound her. It embarrassed him that he hadn't thought about how difficult it might have been for her to slip out. “That's cool,” he said. He helped Sun zip up her sheath dress while she slid her feet into slim, pointed shoes.

“Would you do something for me?” Sun said. “Ring the front desk, and ask them to call for a taxi for your guest. Don't say my name, just say 'my guest.' Then tell them to call your room when the taxi arrives, and to put the charge on your bill.” Then, as if she knew how that sounded, she said, “I'm sorry. It's just that--”

“Hey, don't worry about it. I'm going to have to, um, turn on the light. That OK with you?”

Sun nodded, and as Hugo keyed the room service number into the phone, he noticed for the first time that she wasn't wearing her big gleaming diamond. On the phone, he did as she had told him, only flubbing it up a little. She powdered her face and put on some lipstick in front of the big mirror, its frame made of wood as dark as her hair. Hugo offered her something from the mini-bar, but Sun didn't want anything. He drank a diet soda while they waited without speaking. Then the room phone rang. The taxi had arrived.

“No, don't walk me down,” Sun said as she left. “I'll get in touch with you tomorrow, when I can.”



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