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Chapter 4: Breaking of the Fellowship
Characters: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Jack Shephard, Kate Austin, James "Sawyer" Ford, Michael Dawson, Bea Klugh, assorted Others
Rating: T
Length: 1433 words
Status: Complete
Notes: Set between Season 2 and 3

Summary: The quest to find Walt has failed. As Hugo makes his lonely way back to the beach camp, he discovers that the Island is stranger than he ever imagined.

Chapter Four: The Breaking of the Fellowship

Hugo had known a couple of guys at the Santa Rosa Institute whose senses were scrambled like eggs. One man said he could see sounds, so that musical notes danced about like flashes of brilliant color. Another man said that one particular orderly's touch tasted bitter, like vomit. Now the same thing happened to Hugo when the greyish clouds resting over the water of the bay faded to bright white. It looked white, but it really wasn't, because the whistling colorless sky tasted like purple. And the high-pitched hum which hurt his ears sounded like purple, too. In fact, for weeks afterward, whenever Hugo looked at something even faintly violet, be it the small flowers which bloomed on the succulent shore plants, or one of Rose's brightly-patterned shirts, he remembered what purple sounded like, and felt the rich, grape-like taste of purple along his skin.

So while it wasn't exactly fun to have plum-colored daggers of sound and light flood your eyes and pierce your eardrums, Hugo found a small reassurance in the fact that everyone else saw and heard it too. Then almost at once the strange sky changed back to normal. The pain in his ears vanished without even the tiniest hint of ringing. Strangest of all, the Others massed on the Pala Ferry dock acted as if nothing had even happened. But Bea's glance never left Hugo, not even when Michael got traded for everyone else, not even when Walt stared out at the four bound people on their knees, his face cold and blank as if he had never seen them before in his life.

One of the Others dragged Hugo roughly to his feet, but Bea's cool hand rested on Hugo's arm. "Step back," she hissed to the Other who had manhandled him. As the man retreated, Hugo could have sworn he saw a look of fear cross the man's face. Steadying Hugo with her hand, Bea told him he was to go back, to tell everyone else at the beach that they were to never come here, that Jack and Sawyer and Kate belonged to the Others now. He was to leave at once. Bea gave a swift glare to a different Other, and the man scurried to retrieve Hugo's pack.

"You're leaving us, Bea?" asked the man Hugo knew as Henry.

While Hugo struggled with the backpack straps, Bea stuffed her canteen into his pack and secured the fastenings. She said to Henry, "I did what you asked. Now it's on your head.”

"You did more than I asked. I thought I requested Shephard, Austen, and Ford." From his petulant tone, he wasn't entirely happy about it.

Bea said nothing, just gave the small, owl-eyed man a defiant stare.

"You and Mikhail, following instructions was never your strong suit, was it?"

"This settles it between us, Benjamin. You're on your own now," Bea said, and Hugo wondered why she called Henry that.

"Don't worry, Sister Klugh.” Henry, or Benjamin, spit out her name with a mouthful of spite. "The pleasure of your absence will be all mine."

Bea turned to Hugo, as if surprised to see him still there. "Time to go, Hugo. Now, and fast."

Hugo stared over at the sea-side cliff path from where they had come. It looked even steeper and narrower than before. “Ms. Klugh, let me go with my friends. Please.”

“That's not possible,” she said, for the first time looking worried. Down on the dock, Henry stared at them impatiently, clearly wanting both of them gone. He conferred in hushed tones with one of the large men holding a rifle, who then cocked it and pointed it in Bea and Hugo's direction.

Bea hissed, "I told you, Hugo, move. You can't be here.” She put her hand on her head, as if it would help her think faster. “OK, let's try this. Can you climb?”


“You're going to have to. That way,” and she pointed to a faint trail which passed through thick vegetation. The path ran from the pier up the landward side of the hill, an alternative to the narrow sea-side path.

“What's that?”

“A short-cut. I think you can make it. Up is always easier than down.”

Hugo shook his head. Some kind of goofy Other slogan, no doubt. Good for pep talks, maybe, even though he didn't feel very pepped up right now. Actually, the jungle climb wasn't too bad. They clambered over roots thick as rungs on a very steady ladder, and in a short time found themselves at the top of the ridge. Hugo could see the yurt village down below, to the southeast. He and Bea stood about at the same level as the great rock formation with the hole in it, the afternoon sun shining through it like a magnifying glass.

Hugo turned to Bea and said, “What now?”

“Go back that way till you get to the jungle, right where we came out. Then do what I told you. Go back to your camp. In the jungle you'll have help, I promise. But if Benjamin catches us here, neither of us will be safe."

Hugo meant to turn and do as she asked, but for just one second he had to look back down at dock, where the captives and the Others still gathered.

"Hugo," Bea said again, warning in her voice.

"Please, they're my friends."

She just shook her head and said half to herself, "They better have brought my horse, that's all I can say." And then, almost like a prayer, she added, "Jacob, why must I suffer this fool?" Hugo winced, so she said to him in a gentle voice, "Not you."

"Henry. Uh, Benjamin," he said.

"Yes. He's a complete fool." Then she yanked Hugo down, hard, hiding both of them behind a cluster of boulders which crested the hilltop. Hugo peeked over the rock ridge at the dock where Jack, Sawyer, and Kate still knelt. A woman Other came up to Kate, and it was hard to see what she did. But Kate slumped to the wooden dock and lay there. Then Jack fell, followed by Sawyer.

"What did they do?" Hugo asked, anger and fear rising now. "What did they do to them?"

Bea gave him a firm look, which reminded him of his mom when she went on one of her tears, then followed it up with a hard grab to his arm. “Stay down and be quiet,” she hissed, her voice low. "Hugo, listen to me. They're all right, just knocked out. For the trip."

"The trip where?"

"To where they're headed, where you can't go. Where you are never to go."

"How am I supposed to not go there, if I don't even know where it is?"

She didn't answer, just rested her face in her hands, looking sad and full of despair. Something out on the bay caught Hugo's eye. The small boat in which Michael and Walt had left was supposed to head out to sea on a bearing of 325, whatever that was. Now, strangely enough, it was turning around and heading back to the dock.

When Bea saw the returning boat, she yanked hard on Hugo's arm, pulling them both to their feet. In genuine panic she said, "OK, now, you run. That way," and she pointed to the thinly-trod path across the hilltop which led back into the jungle. "Run!" she said in a harsh, urgent voice, and smacked him as hard as she could across the back like a horse that needed the spur. Then she took off herself to the left, at a sharp angle from where Hugo was supposed to go, dashing on her way with long sprinter's strides.

Hugo ran too, flesh shaking, legs cramping almost at once, heart pounding in his chest. His pack bounced about and slapped his back almost as hard as Bea had. After a few moments he slowed to a jog, then a fast walk, breathing in huge ragged gasps. When he came right up to the edge of the woods he bent over with his hands on his knees, almost sick from exhaustion.

It was late afternoon, but the jungle looked way darker than it should have, even at that time of day. Hugo knew he couldn't go back to the yurt village, though. There was no way out but through. And Bea (Sister Beatrice? What was that about?) had said he would have help. Into a sea of green so dark it was almost black Hugo plunged.



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